Contract & Project Management

We can supply simple agreements and support the negotiation and drafting of various collaboration, consultancy, license, supply and service contracts.  As you may engage in multiple contracts, we can provide you with a simple system to ensure that you know which contracts are in effect, when they expire/require renewal, any critical terms, approaching deadlines and associated payment milestones and any terms that survive contract expiry.

TCR UK Solutions has the expertise to steer you through successful projects; we can work with you to formulate project objectives and a project plan including the activities, deliverables and milestones which team members can agree and work towards.  We will support you in identifying and allocating required resources, the budget and ultimately facilitate successful completion. We can help you consider and mitigate the risks to your project's success.  If your project is funded by a third party we can support interim and final reporting, as may be required.