Intellectual Property Management

Your company may have been created to respond to a market need or challenge. If you have a technology based innovation , effective IP management may be critical.  We can support freedom-to-operate verification and work with you to prepare or describe your IP strategy.  We are sensitive to the benefits of collaboration for innovation and can work with you to support your continued collaboration without jeopardising any patent protection that may be commercially beneficial.  We will work creatively with you to ensure an effective monopoly or commercial advantage.  We can engage our recommended patent agents who are expert in various fields, or other agents should you prefer. Whether or not your business is technology based, you may want to protect trademarks or designs and you may want to acknowledge copyrights and unregistered design to give your business the edge.  We can implement systems to manage your IP.  We can draft, negotiate and manage in-licensing of required technology and negotiate out-licenses should that become appropriate.